Shake and Bake Cauliflower Parmesan


Remember when cauliflower was just...cauliflower, the equivalent of the bland relative you saw once or twice a year and didn't really miss between visits?

Then the stars aligned a few years back, in the cosmic way these things often unfold, and all of a sudden cauliflower was the darling of the food world. 

Shedding its boring reputation, cauliflower's plainness was now embraced as a virtue, a blank canvas for creative foodies to indulge their fancies and slather with big flavors.  

It started showing up on pizza; transformed into pizza crust for the gluten free crowd; in milk shakes - ugh, I kid you not; and food-processed into crumbly cauliflower "rice". 

The rice trick is pretty clever; we'll be making that here at The Good Cooks Academy in due course. But I never really did catch the cauliflower bug until I fell in love with this dish - Cauliflower Parmesan. 

Maybe it was its relate-ability - how could you dislike anything with Parmesan in the name. So...

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